In Silence


HIV and AIDS do not make the news anymore, but it is still destroying lives in silence. No one should be content with human suffering in any form. We should always fight against it. We advance as a species by standing against human, animal, and ecological afflictions.

Let us not be swayed by the current trends but stand for that which is natural and right. We grow individually and collectively by uplifting ourselves from the mind and the passions of the depraved by elevating our conscious domain and awareness. Human-created suffering is not natural and must not be the accepted norm.

The entire world has recently experienced the horrors of a laboratory-created illness that has negatively changed our lives. There is little doubt that HIV, which causes AIDS, is a biological weapon created by the United States. HIV was an experimental project using homosexuals and criminals as the subjects. These subjects were this biological weapon’s operational targets upon deployment.

Just as recent events illustrate, sloppy control and management procedures allowed the weapon to escape into the general population. Dead bodies, undue suffering, and social disorder were and are the results of these biological leakages. These are not conspiracies. These are facts.

There are people in power, “people with money,” whose goal to drastically reduce the earth’s human population is very much alive and active. These people will not enter the line, much less get to the front of the line to be the first to be eliminated to achieve their goal.

Enough said about the “root cause” of so much human misery, let’s get back to HIV. For many interest groups, it is advantageous financially to keep HIV active. We all know the financial advantages of an active virus, so there is no need to specify them here. What we need to emphasize is human compassion over self-centeredness and money.

Just be patient. The human population will naturally self-destruct much quicker than any of the other now-extinct life forms that have inhabited this planet. For now, let’s fight for a cure for HIV if one is not available, and if a cure for HIV is available, let’s demand that it be accessible to all people.

Join and stand out and make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.