Prevention and Containment of the HIV and AIDS virus

Prevention and containment go hand in hand in living with the HIV and AIDS virus. Of course, prevention does not apply to we who are HIV positive except in our being considerate of others by living in a containment mindset and using the proper measures to thwart our spreading the virus to others.

Using every preventative measure at our disposal is the driving force behind the containment of the HIV and AIDS virus.

Hiv is a sexually transmitted disease, so unprotected sexual intercourse is a big no-no whether you are HIV positive or not. If both parties are known to be virus free, then fidelity becomes a preventative measure if both parties adhere to it.

Homosexuality is still the leading conduit for the spread of the HIV and AIDS virus. In the past HIV and AIDS was known as a gay disease, but no more, as HIV and AIDS have spread beyond the gay and drug addict barriers where they lodged in the early days of this deadly virus.

Living with the HIV and AIDS virus is no different than living with any other chronic illness except that there is a demeaning and deflating stigma attached to HIV and AIDS that are not attached to other illnesses because of the homosexual origins of HIV and AIDS. Many HIV-positive people, including myself, are embarrassed to admit to having the virus for that reason.

Regardless of the stigma that is attached to the HIV and AIDS virus, one must overcome that and honestly inform healthcare professionals and anyone else who may come into contact with their blood that they are HIV or AIDS positive as doing so is practicing both prevention and containment of the virus.

I personally believe that there is, and has been for some time, a cure for HIV and AIDS just as I believe that there are cures for certain types of cancers. And even as HIV and AIDS are still killing and destroying lives daily, it has gone into a silent phase and you seldom hear much about it in the mainstream media nowadays.

This is where organizations such as and come into play as voices that break through the silence by the activities of its members. An organization such as these need sincere members in the thousands to be the muscles and the voices that move HIV and AIDS from being a medicated illness into a thing of the past.

At present, the scale is weighed in favor of making money over curing misery. Join now and tell your friends to join. This is a meeting place for HIV and AIDS positive people. Be proactive and supportive. Make a firm stand for living your life to its fullness. We are the cure if we are willing to stand together and go into battle to win our lives and our peace of mind back.

Let those who claim to be the developers of the HIV and AIDS virus as a mechanism to drastically reduce and control the Earth’s human population be happy with their accomplishments because they have wreaked havoc on the lives of millions, destroyed fragile economies, and made billions of dollars for certain interest groups.

These special interest groups only want to medicate the HIV and AIDS virus instead of releasing the counter-agents that will neutralize the virus. But the aroused voices of millions will force the selfish, the hateful, and the greedy to abandon their destructive agendas and release millions of minds from the captivity and bondage that HIV and AIDS produce.

We who are HIV and AIDS positive can either play the game of life by someone else’s rules or be our own person and live our life in the manner that we personally choose. Let’s make a stand for ourselves!

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