Frogs of A kind

Frogs are jumping into the pond because that is a part of their native habitat. But where does a particular frog jump when he has no native habitat and no sense of belonging to anything?

Human companionship is an essential element of being human. That is why the sound of her voice is like living music singing into warmly receiving ears, and her touch is a refreshing sensation to a receptive body.

The beasts are roaming wild throughout the landscape seeking to foul with much filthiness everything that they come into contact with. The lame duck is wallowing in a slimy ooze of self-pity as the self-satisfied are glued to their cellphones completely oblivious to the dark threatening clouds that are about to engulf them.

There is this undefined someone who is afraid of death that who is not afraid of dying because that someone died at the instant of his conception and has been carousing about in a state of animated lifelessness from then even to now.

The glint in her eyes is energizing, reassuring, and embedded with confidence. The common man dreams of her while the lavish takes her for granted and is even prone to abuse her.

In the wind, there is a stillness blowing that has no distinctive form nor fashion. It blows without sound and it disturbs nothing as it sweeps along.

In the wind, the sounds of croaking frogs are muted by the overpowering sound of frogs croaking and the irritating whimpers of a lame duck weeping all over himself for himself.

A penny for a thought that is not even worth one millionth of a penny is the price paid to inanimate human objects that burrow themselves into holes and judge the righteous by their pathetic standards.

There is no place like a soft, warm woman’s body held snuggly within an adoring man’s arms. All the elements of the cosmos were formed by the creative frequencies transmitted by her voice when she spoke the words of life into the empty vastness.

And then there were two. In all the world, there are no others like unto these two who endure either joy or despair with graciousness, confidence, and thanksgiving.

Frogs are jumping from lily pad to lily pad that is floating atop the pure fresh waters of loveliness. But where does a particular frog jump when the ground is parched and covered with thorns and scrub brush?

No one wants to be alone but sometimes it is better for a person to be alone if that person makes no sense out of good sense and transforms limitations into weaknesses.

Savages have entered the gates of the city and are raping and looting it lavishly. The disjointed mind is collapsing unto itself under its own weight. The frog that is afraid to learn how to swim is sitting on the shoreline watching its friends enjoy themselves.

She is the right one and not the one who turns light into shadows and peace into conflicts. This is why he is so comfortable and at ease in her company and carries the sweet fragrance of her heart with him wherever he goes.