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Reach Out

Become a nourishing influence in a person’s life and join other  Bestowing-Life family members in your local community .

Join our team and become a stepping stone of positive change to someone in need through donations, membership, and your time.


Our mission

The goal of and is to foster healthy relationships between HIV and AIDS positive persons.

We believe that anyone who is HIV/AIDS positive deserves the benefits and blessings of meaningful human companionship.

The only thing that we ask, “THAT WE DEMAND,” is that all participants abide by the root concerns of this social networking tool in its regard for the privacy and confidentiality of others.

A trust and enmity comes with this respect for others privacy as our guard and our standard without causing any harm or embarrassments to anyone.


Welcome To The BestowingLife Family

Love In Action

The Bestowing-life family is building and growing in all love and respect for others and we deeply appreciate each new member that joins our community.

Being HIV or AIDS positive we realize that the best help that we can give to ourselves is by helping others.

With a single-mindedness of purpose the members of this community tell those who have lost their hope that hope is what you make it, and that peace of mind comes with how you treat yourself and others.

This is the Bestowing-life family and we love you all and urge you to give as your heart deems fit.

Hiv Baby

Our Message To You is an activist charitable organization whose members focus on healing the anxiety of being HIV and AIDS positive by promoting healthy living patterns and habits and being the front line of defense against the HIV and AIDS virus.

Our goal is the complete cleansing of our immune system of this virus that replicates itself by inserting its genetic code into our CD4 cells.

Living under the threat of HIV and AIDS hiding within viral reservoirs inside of our bodies is not acceptable.

Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) are not designed to cure HIV and AIDS.

People with Hiv

At Bestowing-life our goal is the total sterilizing of our immune system of all subtypes of the HIV virus.

We at promote the all-out research for broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) which will kill or neutralize a range of HIV strains.

This is who we are and this is what we do as members of the Bestowing-Life family.

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