How Do You Feel About Yourself Today?


The stigma of being HIV positive is a balancing act between self-disdain and self-acceptance. How do you feel about yourself today? How did you sleep last night, if at all? What were your dreams about if you were able to sleep? What are you looking forward to today?

Contentment and happiness aren’t environmental constructs but are the products of the mind. The mind is where we live. The body is where we merely exist. So, what can we do to find joy in both mind and body?

Perhaps not thinking too harshly of ourselves is a place to start. And not thinking negatively of others is our next step along our path towards inner peace.

There is nothing gained by self-pity except the depleting of the energy force that connects us to unimaginable windows, orbs, and spheres. We can love and be loved. We can make love if we are mindful of ourselves and others.