Distorted Cultural Norms

grimm reaper
One of the cultural norms that is being promoted today can only lead to a proliferation of diseases and an increasing deterioration of the human gene. At one time it was fashionable to have human beings as one’s personal property (slaves). In the United States (which practiced the most animalistic, sadistic, and inhumane of this practice) it took a brutal war of suffering and death to bring what was considered fashionable and a source of self-esteem to an end.

Throughout history the majority of the earth’s peoples have been led this way and that way like a mindless horde by the self-proclaimed elites. This is true, and even more so today, even with the easy access to information that the worlds people have at their disposal. Led into all sorts of behaviors that distorts the nature of the cosmos by a tiny group of people who have a twisted mentality and garbled moral values is the nauseous state of those who have abandon their capacity to think for themselves.

Swept away by this trend and the current fad into the dense portals of no future, the lot is saturated within a boiling pot of no return which is they’re just fitting for being so easily influenced and led. Regard not the “SHE” and the “HE” of it but do as you deem fit. Make not a sound of protest as the flames of the burning are kindled for your head. The pale has brought untold calamity upon the peoples of the world and the earth’s ecosystem yet they’re malevolence has not reached its end.

A cultural norm may not be the standard of life but a means that the boisterous benumbed has of expressing themselves. The custom of the quagmire is only a tomb that has been open for those who are more than willing to enter within. Ominous is the purge of diseases that look upon the confused with much hunger for the devouring bugs of panic and terror have spoons, knives, and forks in anticipation for the banquet that is being prepared for them.

The buffet of the level-headed is common sense but common sense is past tense in the vocabulary of today’s world. The earth and its people are thoroughly polluted by so-called civilized whiteness that has made a mockery of everything in their zeal to feel superior. Everyone is everything and everyone is nothing, the new cultural norm of complete oblivion for everyone and everything.

The first-born is engulfed by a self-inflicted foolishness that renders them useless in bringing the world back to its proper order. Yet, all is not lost as the winds of change blows from here to there and those who “ARE” will utterly defeat those who are not. Stand up for what is right.

Hear me esteem one


Hear me and deliver the fond ones from the self-imposed clutches of a demented mind

Deliver their heads so that they may liberate themselves from themselves

The fond ones are floundering in paleness

Allowing themselves to become entangled within the mutation’s tentacles

Riding every whim of the absurd

Fascinated by the propaganda of the imposter

Scrabbling to be everything but themselves

The pretenders have created an illusion

The real has been camouflaged by their deceptions

The mirage has become a facet of everyday life

Nurse the heads of the fond ones so that they may mend themselves

Restore to health those who covet death

Heed my prayer esteem one and do this for your children

Curse those who look upon themselves

Reveal the obscenity as a profanity

Scourge the pallor with a deserved faintness

Instability in oneself has damaged the fond ones exceedingly

The entire cosmos is now clumsy and awkward

Mindsets away from its original form

Because of the fond one’s lust for the reprehensible

And are so willing to immerse themselves within pale idiocy

Listen to me esteem one

Pay attention to my prayer

And rescue your children from themselves

Irrational Imagination

grimm reaper

The untenable imagination of someone’s mind has the power to transform a person’s life. Whether that mental metamorphosis is a good thing or a dreadful thing is open to question. Appealing to the invisible is a definite skyrocket of hope and faith. Anticipation and fidelity are irrational and unjustifiable, given the overwhelming evidence against such an ideological persuasion.

A culture will promote irrational concepts to survive and prosper. Religion is one of the tools that a society uses to domesticate its people. A long time ago, someone ate a particular mushroom causing them to have phenomenal visions. This person transmitted what they saw and heard to others, and thus the make-believe is born.

In the wake of death following the next breath, it is understandable to look beyond the finite, even into an ungrounded hope. The grown-up has matured past believing in the fictitious and giving praise to the nonexistent. The hope of the adult is in themselves and others, even if that is to be left alone.

The untenable imagination has tricked all of us, giving us a wrongly perceived reality of ourselves and the cosmos. The phantom of the sky is only the self-delusion of a willing mind who wants to realize it as an actual being. Not to criticize the nonsensical, as we all have our fair share of lunacy.

Someone is mystified by something long ago and began to worship a self-induced fiction. This fiction became a practice and a habit. Others wanted to experience this fabrication, so much so that the self-deception that only existed within the mind became a living persona.

The fool trips over his pants and hurts and kills his brother. The laughter and disrespect of him are overwhelming as he is showing himself to be a domesticated animal. His face twisted in unwarranted anger, only frightening himself.

The mushroom is spoiled and has lost its appeal, as has religion. The docile must create industries and learning centers. The firstborn must overcome the lastborn because the children must thrive and build.

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Is There Intelligent Life Out There?


A fascinating question that people have pondered since they begin watching the Stars has been, “Is there life out there?” In modern times this question has been changed to, “Is there intelligent life out there?”

Being that we exist and the vastness of the Universe, the odds are high that there are many other life forms out there. It is also likely that many of those life forms are undoubtedly what some people refer to as being intelligent life.

But what does the term “Intelligent Life” denote?

Is a species disposition and ability to hate, harm, despise, and relentlessly kill its members a hallmark of intelligent life?

Is a species ability for tool making and its awareness of its surroundings a trademark of intelligent life?

Is the continuing evolution of a species tool-making skills into what is referred to as technology a definition of intelligent life?

Is a species cognitive awareness a benchmark for intelligent life?

Is there intelligent life out there?

Is there intelligent life anywhere?

The measure of what constitutes intelligent life is a human-based concept having no other examples of it to evaluate the validity of this concept.

A group of so-called humans fancies themselves as being intelligent life. Yet they are on a relentless rampage to destroy the only environment that is best suited for them to live.

This group of so-called humans earnestly believe that they are the beginning and the end of all understandings and knowledge.

These want to be humans vigorously labor to recreate the world in their image and likeness, grouping everyone into isolated pockets of race, book knowledge, bank account, and belief system.

For these so-called humans, this is intelligent life because they have no other model to base darkness, life, light, and intelligence upon other than what they have contrived.

Now, let us briefly consider how “Sparkling Blackness” appraises the pronouncements of what these so-called humans measure as being intelligent life.

We will use the Neanderthals book of make-believe to do this.

“This know also, that in the last day’s perilous times shall come. For men(women) shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affections, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent (not having control over urination and defecation(?)), fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

“For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sin, led away with divers lusts(homosexuality), ever-learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (Second Timothy 3:1-7).

“But evil men(women) and seducer shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” (Second Timothy 3:13) Note: Parenthesis in the above is added by me.

The above assessment is supposedly from a being looking at these so-called humans from a different dimensional viewpoint and have some reservations regarding their claim of being intelligent life.

If these want to be humans are indeed a form of intelligent life it is an intelligence that is severely self-serving and corrupt.

These so-called humans are like tiny babies who have learned how to stand and shake a rattle and think that they know everything because of this.

“Sparkling Blackness” laughs at them and will plunder them harshly when their moment comes.

Is there intelligent life out there?


What form of life is this intelligence?


Where does this intelligence exist?

Within the 10th to the power of 10 plus realities.

Can a real human being communicate with this intelligence?



By humility, seeking, and touching.

Conspiracy Theorists for Dummies

If you have any uncertainties, especially concerning the activities of the U.S. government and its various agencies, you have a reservoir of resources that you can pull from in the form of conspiracy theorists.

These bastions of acute knowledge pop up like weeds in the lawn at every minor or major event. Conspiracy theorists know all the answers to what has happened and exactly who is behind it. You can trust everything that conspiracy theorists say because they are above the fold in their knowledge of everything.

Everything is a Grand Canyon-sized cover-up perpetrated by the ruling powers to keep their serfs on their lashes. Conspiracy theorists are suspicious of any explanation given to explain an event that is opposite to what they have concluded.

Not saying that this mindset is a tragedy, but only that it is very narrow in its scope. All peoples have the right and the duty to question those that they have chosen as their stewards. Nevertheless, the temperament of a government is the same as the temperament of a person, and some things are not practical for general consumption for a variety of reasons.

Many individuals do not want every detail of their private affairs publicly exposed. They feel that they have a right to a certain level of secrecy. When someone starts to get a little too nosy most people will automatically go into the cover-up and disinformation mode to keep their preferred level of personal anonymity.

This self-defense mechanism holds of the government and its agencies as well; however, this group must be open in how it spends the taxpayer’s money and administrative decisions that it makes that affect the well-being of its citizens.

The motives of conspiracy theorists differ from that of the normal lifestyle, which is only to live a happy and healthy life. Some do it for notoriety. Others for financial gain. Others because they want to be the know it all and show-offs. Others because they cannot find a constructive way to spend their time.

Conspiracy theorists do serve a purpose by making government entities accountable for their behavior and practices. Unfortunately, most conspiracy theorists mislead, distort, and outright lie to a greater extent than the person or agency that they are calling into question.

Overlooking the flaws of conspiracy theorists, what can be said about the conspiracy theorists’ approach to information sharing seeing as they are only doing what is natural to them in a world that is pressed down under the weight of a deluge of white lies.

Overall, the conspiracy theorists’ approach to information sharing sucks. Conspiracy theorists jump on the current bandwagon and ride it into splinters. They usually cause more confusion than clarity. They generally have no qualms about using inventions, falsehood, and fibs to promote their propaganda and agendas.

Conspiracy theorists seem to view most people as being Dodo birds that can be easily hoodwinked and bamboozled by them. To this end, conspiracy theorists are generally insulting and annoying. Fancying themselves to be the bastions of all knowledge and truth, conspiracy theorists make a citadel of their viewpoints and opinions regardless of the evidence before them.

Conspiracy theorists adore being the focal point of attraction and the absolute center of attention. They swim in a sea of their self-importance, looking down harshly upon anyone who has the conceited gall to disagree with them.

As mentioned, conspiracy theorists do serve a purpose as a check and balance system, which is useful in keeping certain individuals and agencies on their toes. A control system that works if the conspiracy theorists have personal integrity, a strong code of ethics, and respect for others.

Not Taking the Time to Understand


Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want is the cause of much frustration and anguish in your life. You ask yourself why you are not able to accomplish the task that you have given yourself, and you begin looking for someone or something outside of yourself as being the culprit behind your lack of success.

Your principal hindrance is you, or to be more precise, your methods of thinking that deprive you of using critical analysis skills. So, what can you do to alleviate yourself of this reasoning deficit that is keeping you at a standstill?

You must first understand that your method of processing data is a habit that you have developed, and like any habit, moving too fast without thinking can be overcome with practice. You must place that which you think that you want inside the broader picture of your life and see how it fits.

If none of this works, find a tree with sturdy branches and hang yourself. It is better to move into another dimension of existence than to be trapped in an unproductive one that you have created for yourself.

Your thinking is the cause of your problems, as you do not take the time to think but choose to act on instincts. You quickly move into a new endeavor using the same approach that has not yielded any benefits at any time before, unconsciously replicating activities that have repeatedly failed without realizing it.

Every individual has the responsibility for crafting the world view that is the best fit for them. Eternity does not allow anyone to give their thinking abilities to anyone else. Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want is allowing that which you think that you want to do your thinking for you.

I think that I want her in my arms but is that the best place for her to be. If I take the time to think more about this, I may see that she is the ultra-wrong woman that I should want to be in my arms. Without carefully thinking, I then go ahead and make life difficult for both myself and her by holding someone in my arms that should not be there.

Not taking the time to understand what you think that you want usually leads to weak and uncertain behavior. Weak and uncertain behavior often leads to a barrier that you have inserted where what you have set out to do is not done.

I think that I want to kiss her mouth, but she has some type of cold or allergy, so should I really do this. The lack of using critical thinking cause me to kiss her and I end up taking a trip to the hospital emergency room for my thoughtlessness.

Now, what is the point of what I have said? I don’t know because I have not taken the time to think about what I am saying.

How Much of What?


How much is being physically and mentally healthy and feeling good about yourself worth to you? Do you measure your well-being and peace of mind in monetary values? If you do, so well for you as everyone must find their own path in this portal called life.

The path of life that I try to travel is to embrace. I have chosen to embrace minding my own business. I have determined to curtail negative thoughts about myself and about others as soon as they materialize and not allow them the fester and take root. 

For many years I felt that I would not live to be thirty years of age. I have done so, and what does it mean? Would it not have been better if I had never been born than to live for a moment, grow old and ugly, and then die?

Several times during my life, death has approached me and turned to the side. Is it possible that even death does not consider me as being worthy of it? I do not believe that worthiness is the reason why death has shunned me thus far, as death does not have the same cares and concerns as does the living.

How much is feeling good about your self-worth to you? Is it worth doing harm to other people, harming other life forms, or devastating the environment in which you live? 

 I took the wonderful by the hand and kissed it tenderly at which she warmly smiled at me. So, what is to be made of her response? Perchance a flourishing romance will be the byproduct of her reaction to my kiss.

The wind has blown, and the storm will come. Suddenly in a clear azure-sky particle matter will be consumed at the speed of thought, and that which exists will no longer be.

How much is your feeling of wholesomeness worth to you? The melancholy has dejected the downcast, and the wretched has a smile on his or her face. None of these temperaments are well suited for those of us who have decided to own positive personality traits. 

My thoughts and desires are of the marvelously brilliant, yet I cannot find her. I have looked over here, and I have looked over there, but she is still only make-believe to me. 

What does it take to help you to feel whole and complete? Is it this, or is it that?

The shadows of time have engulfed me. I am not young anymore. My thoughts are not for me, but of my younger ones that are coming behind me. What can, and should I do for them? I have wasted my life in my life. Is this what I should tell them? Will telling them this aid them in managing theirs? 

I will keep my mouth closed as I am the least of all to be giving anyone a suggestion. 

Paradise cannot find a more perfect place to exist than within the soft confines of her dark complexion. Within those other dimensions of here and beyond, I hold delicate to the touch, close and very tenderly. 

How much of what is not enough of much?