Hear me esteem one

Hear me and deliver the fond ones from the self-imposed clutches of a demented mind Deliver their heads so that they may liberate themselves from themselves The fond ones are floundering in paleness Allowing themselves to become entangled within the mutation’s tentacles Riding every whim of the absurd Fascinated by the propaganda of the imposter …

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Irrational Imagination

The untenable imagination of someone’s mind has the power to transform a person’s life. Whether that mental metamorphosis is a good thing or a dreadful thing is open to question. Appealing to the invisible is a definite skyrocket of hope and faith. Anticipation and fidelity are irrational and unjustifiable, given the overwhelming evidence against such …

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Immune Support

Bestowing-life does not indorse products of any type, this link is merely for your consideration. Best practices and commonsense are always your best health defense for your immune system. Read for more information.

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