Distorted Cultural Norms

grimm reaper
One of the cultural norms that is being promoted today can only lead to a proliferation of diseases and an increasing deterioration of the human gene. At one time it was fashionable to have human beings as one’s personal property (slaves). In the United States (which practiced the most animalistic, sadistic, and inhumane of this practice) it took a brutal war of suffering and death to bring what was considered fashionable and a source of self-esteem to an end.

Throughout history the majority of the earth’s peoples have been led this way and that way like a mindless horde by the self-proclaimed elites. This is true, and even more so today, even with the easy access to information that the worlds people have at their disposal. Led into all sorts of behaviors that distorts the nature of the cosmos by a tiny group of people who have a twisted mentality and garbled moral values is the nauseous state of those who have abandon their capacity to think for themselves.

Swept away by this trend and the current fad into the dense portals of no future, the lot is saturated within a boiling pot of no return which is they’re just fitting for being so easily influenced and led. Regard not the “SHE” and the “HE” of it but do as you deem fit. Make not a sound of protest as the flames of the burning are kindled for your head. The pale has brought untold calamity upon the peoples of the world and the earth’s ecosystem yet they’re malevolence has not reached its end.

A cultural norm may not be the standard of life but a means that the boisterous benumbed has of expressing themselves. The custom of the quagmire is only a tomb that has been open for those who are more than willing to enter within. Ominous is the purge of diseases that look upon the confused with much hunger for the devouring bugs of panic and terror have spoons, knives, and forks in anticipation for the banquet that is being prepared for them.

The buffet of the level-headed is common sense but common sense is past tense in the vocabulary of today’s world. The earth and its people are thoroughly polluted by so-called civilized whiteness that has made a mockery of everything in their zeal to feel superior. Everyone is everything and everyone is nothing, the new cultural norm of complete oblivion for everyone and everything.

The first-born is engulfed by a self-inflicted foolishness that renders them useless in bringing the world back to its proper order. Yet, all is not lost as the winds of change blows from here to there and those who “ARE” will utterly defeat those who are not. Stand up for what is right.